K’s brain is always “on.”  He can’t turn if off and it’s constantly running running running.  It makes me think of a hamster on a wheel.  So, I used to always tell k to make the hamster stop running.  Then, I decided to name the hamster.  Ernesto.  (I have a slight obsession with Spanish names.  Even the zoo has Spanish nicknames.  I’ll leave those for another post, just in case you think this post is a little too crazy.)

Whenever k is “on,” I get really close to him and whisper in his ear, “Ernesto, stop running!”  It never works.  And, apparently like most hamsters, Ernesto is a night owl.  He does his best work at night.  This is probably why k doesn’t sleep well.  The constant running would keep me up too!

There are some days that Ernesto is not at his best.  I assume from partying too much the night before and being a bit hung over (Ernesto, not k).  I tell k that Ernesto is laying next to his wheel, with one little paw on it, giving it just enough of a spin to make it seem like k is thinking, but not really accomplishing anything.  Those are the days when I ask k a question and he just stares at me a nods.  Poor k.  He’s become a hub for Ernesto’s nighttime madness and partying.

Sometimes, Ernesto might have a front and back paw on the wheel, giving it just a little more oomph and making k’s brain work a little better.  So instead of a blank stare and nod when asked a question, I’ll get a “yes”.  For example – d: Do you want barbecue or hot sauce on your chicken?  k: Yes.  d: Which one?  k: Huh?  Exactly.  Thanks, Ernesto.  You are making talking to my husband very difficult.

Sometimes, I’ll give k’s head a little flick, hoping it will wake Ernesto up and speed up k’s brain a bit.  It works the other way too.  I’ll give k’s head a flick when I need Ernesto to stop running running running.  Most of the time it doesn’t work.  I’ll flick k mid-sentence and I get glared at for 2 seconds, then he picks up right where he left off and continues on with it.  It’s as if he didn’t lose a beat.  Ernesto can run on that wheel, let me tell you.  I wonder if I grab k’s head and shake it back and forth if that will cause Ernesto to fall completely off his wheel?!  Hmmm…sounds like an experiment to me!

Anyways…I’m not sure why I’m telling you this.  Maybe because I think it is really funny that k has a little Spanish hamster living inside his head.  Maybe you can relate.  Do you have a Spanish hamster living inside your head?  French?  Italian?  Ooh, maybe Irish?  I bet he’s red-ish colored.

Someone out there tell me that k’s not the only one with a little hamster on a wheel inside his head?!  Anyone?  Halp.

Well, enjoy your day.  I know Ernesto is.


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