Apparently I’ve been MIA…

Hey there!  Apparently I’ve been a little MIA lately.  Sorry about that!  I have been super busy with Bee For The Day – Dallas...woohoo!  It’s been weddings, weddings, and more weddings over here.  {d&k} went to a huge (over 300 vendors!!) bridal show in downtown Dallas over the weekend and k was such a champ.  He was scoping out different bakeries and photographers for me, dropping off my card at booths, and of course, sampling the cake.  We have to know who has the best cake in Dallas.  The only way to find that out is to try them all.  That’s where k comes in!  K also enjoyed laughing at all of the goofy dj’s.  Some were dancing (and you know that’s what they do at weddings) and others were just plain odd.  They all, of course, had on their tuxedos with coordinating bow ties and vests, and in the most obnoxious-look-at-me-colors!  There was a haze surrounding all of their booths, most likely from the mix of cologne and hairspray, but one can only guess.

K was rewarded quite nicely for going to the bridal show with me…he went to a Mavs game that night and had a blast.  He even sang “Jessie’s Girl” in front on 20,000 fans.  I know.  I still have a hard time believing it, even with the help of the video posted on his Facebook page.  Go ahead, check it out.

Hmmm…let’s see…what else have we been up to?!  Well, the weather has been very nice here (Ohioans, you cannot be upset with me since it has been very nice there too…just sayin’!) so we’ve been spending a lot of time outside with the pups.  We visited a new dog park (our regular park was “closed due to standing water” from the monsoon) and we did not like it at all.  There were a few aggressive pups that we picking on dogs and the owners did nothing to stop it.  It was also very loud.  There were lots of dogs barking, which is very unlike a dog park.  I’m guessing they were upset by the aggressive pups too.  Anyways, we didn’t stick around long.  Plus, “Humpy” the labradoodle would not leave this poor German Shepard alone.  Elvis tried to break “it” up but did not have much success.  I scooped him up and took him to the opposite side of the park…there was no way I was letting my little man get involved with Humpy.  He’d get hurt.  Humpy was big!  So, needless to say, we will not be going back to that dog park.  We did overhear someone telling Humpy’s mom about our dog park.  Fingers (and tails) crossed he doesn’t show up there!

Sadly, I can’t think of anything else that’s been going on around here, aside from the fact that we’ve been busy.  And, my brain is a little mushy so I can’t even think of why we’ve been so busy.

As of right now, we have no plans this weekend (I know, can you believe it?!).  I know that will change, but for now it is nice to say we have no plans!  I will make sure I take lots of photos for you and document our weekend (whether we do something fun or not, hehe) to share with you all next week.

Enjoy your day,


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