Dogs for Sale

Forget selling them…I’m giving them away!  Who wants a few squeaky, noisy little mongrels?  Ok fine, I’ll keep them.  But, I’m not happy about it.  They are driving me crazy!  K’s been out-of-town and whenever he leaves, they are wholly terrors!  They are perfect little angels when he’s here, though.  Monsters.

That’s the problem with working from home…if they are driving me crazy, I can’t do much to get away from them.  Usually I just send them all outside, but since we’ve had a monsoon the last few days, that hasn’t been an option.  But, my neighbors have had their pups outside and the minute one of them barks (which is very often, especially since all of my neighbors have dogs) then my monsters start barking and then it’s all over.  Chaos breaks out.  They start running through the house to figure out what the neighbor dogs are barking at.  Then there’s poor little Oskar, who starts barking 20 minutes after the fact, just when the other 2 have calmed down, and then they get going again.  It’s a never-ending vicious cycle.

And, I just discovered that my neighbors across the street and I have the same. exact. doorbell.  So, maybe this wouldn’t be a problem if they haven’t had the AT&T person there  So when their doorbell rings, so does mine.  And remember how I have the attention span of a gnat?  Well, as soon as the doorbell rings, the dogs go crazy and take off running to the door, with me trailing behind them trying not to slip on the wood floors.  Only to get to the door, see the AT&T truck across the street and remember that we have the same doorbell.  Everyday this week, folks.  What is wrong with me?  (I always think I’m getting a package.  I haven’t ordered anything!  Why do I think someone is sending me something?!)   Then, it takes a good 20 minutes to calm the pups down and try to convince them someone is in fact NOT here.  As soon as they calm down, Oskar finally “gets it” and starts barking again.  That pup is so slow!  (Remember that never-ending vicious cycle?)  Now, all of the dogs are barking again and I’ve completely given up on trying to quiet them down, so I join in.  I start running up and down the hallways, pugs sliding into doors because their little feet can’t get traction on the wood floors.  Cats jumping up on the couch so they don’t get trampled, because, let’s face it…who would stop for a cat?  Not us!  They should know better and get out-of-the-way.

This has been my day, everyday this week.  This could be the cause of my massive headache.  And, I want to unplug the doorbell and see if I can change the ring, but I have to wait until the pups are outside because as soon as you plug it back in, it dings.  And, we’ve already had our fun for today.  Trust me on that one.

And, what do you know…as I type this post about how much the mongrels are driving me crazy, Pug 1 and Pug 2 are cuddled up next to me, under the covers (apparently they are chilly), behaving like perfect little angels.  Maybe I should threaten them with a blog post selling them more often!

I hope you are having a less chaotic week than me!
Enjoy your day,


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