d’s pet peeves

I’m sure I have a lot of pet peeves, but I’m going to talk about one that I just recently discovered, thanks to the help of k.

Ok, so you know when you’re sitting on the couch, stretched out and comfy, enjoying a movie?  And your hubby is comfily (yep, that sure is a word) sitting at the end of your feet, watching the movie?  And then, out of nowhere your hubby rests his hand on your foot and rips your sock off?  Yep, that right there.  That’s my new pet peeve.  Why, k, why do you have to rip my socks off my feet?!  I don’t understand why that is so much fun for you.  And, it is impossible to try to keep your socks on.  If you move your foot the slightest in any way, that sock is coming off even faster.  Go ahead, try it.  It’s true.  You can.not keep your socks on when someone is trying to take them off.  And, if any of you don’t know this, I hate being barefoot.  I must have something on my feet at all times.  So, when I’m in the house, I will always have socks, slippers, or flip-flops (in the summer) on my feet.

So k thinks it is hilarious to grab my socks and rip them off my feet when I least expect it.  And then he throws them far away (which is really just a few feet because we all know socks don’t fly that far) and laughs as I quickly tip-toe over to get them before the evil hardwood burns my soles.  (I don’t really think that will happen to my feet.  It just makes the story more interesting, folks).

I feel as if I should have lumped this post in with the What k Has Taught Me posts, because he taught me that it is impossible to keep your socks on when someone is pulling them off.  Again, try it.  I know you guys think I’m nuts, but I am so right on this one.

Enjoy your day & keep those socks on!


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