What k has taught me, Vol. 2

Hello friends!  I learned a few more things from k during our drive to San Antonio over the weekend.  Are you ready for this?  I’m not sure you are.  In fact, sometimes even I am not ready for some of the things k says.  You may want to write these down.

As said by k:  Given our recent discovery regarding the ineffectiveness of punches when the attackee nuzzles the fist,  please note that if in the case you are the attacker, it is most effective to wait for the attackee to go to sleep or pass out before attacking, because then they can’t nuzzle.  You’re welcome, people.

As said by k:  I have now learned why d is not good at shooting free throws in basketball…

They say your follow through is supposed to be like reaching for a cookie in a cookie jar.  K is pretty good at free throws because he reaches up to the cookie jar on the top shelf, his arm straight up in the air, his hand arched over, gently reaching in and grabbing a single cookie.

D on the other hand knocks the cookie jar on the ground and attacks it like a hungry badger.  That is why d is not good at shooting free throws.

As said by d (right now):  If you gave me the choice of gently reaching into a cookie jar and grabbing 1 stinking cookie, or knocking the cookie jar to the ground and grabbing as many cookies as my little paws (oh who I am kidding, man hands) can grab, you know which one I’m going to choose.   Hungry badger, people.  I am always the hungry badger.

But, I will point out, in our last game of PIG, I won.  Yep, that’s right.  This little hungry badger kicked the snot out of k’s game of PIG.  Woop, woop.

Stayed tuned for more What K Has Taught Me.  You know there will be more.  K seems to be full of “important” life lessons.  Very, very “important”.

Enjoy your day,


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