{d&k}s weekend away

Hello friends!
{d&k} are back from their much needed weekend away in San Antonio.  We had a fantastic time and I’m already scoping out free dates for our next weekend away.

I’m still learning this huge state and where everything is located.  I had no idea Austin and San Antonio were only an hour away from each other, and you drive through Austin on the way to San Antonio.  This worked out perfectly for us to take a little side stop to Austin on the way back Sunday.  I love Austin!!  I cannot wait to go back.

Like I promised, here are some pictures from our weekend away.  Enjoy!

{d&k} at G & Js beautiful wedding

1 – The happy couple.  I just love weddings!!  How can you not leave a wedding happy and inspired that 2 people found each other?!
2 – My handsome k.  Ow, ow.
3 – I try so hard. I really do.  To not be a wedding coordinator at a wedding that I’m a guest at.  But, I can’t help it.  And, how can you say no to a bride whose dress won’t stay bustled?

1 – 3 – The River Walk in downtown San Antonio.  I’m so glad it was nice Sunday and that the rain held off!  This is such a great place to wander and a lot of the restaurants had live music and all had outdoor patios.  It was very neat that it runs right through the middle of downtown!

1 – The Alamo!  Like I said earlier, my vision of Texas is skewed.  I never thought the Alamo was in the middle of downtown.  I have always pictured it out in the middle of the desert somewhere (because also in my head Texas was a huge desert, before I moved here).  I also pictured the Alamo a bit bigger.  Hmmm….my 5th grade history teacher lead me astray.

2 – The Alamo gardens

3 – {d&k} at the Alamo.  Why wouldn’t we commemorate the horrible things that happened there so many years ago than with a happy picture of the happy couple?!  I told you my vision is skewed, in more aspects than just Texas.

1 – Again, my handsome k

2 – K found his look-a-like painted on the side of a building.  Weird.  The world is not ready for another k.  2-D or 3-D.

3 – There is a fish, a rooster, and a loaf of bread on top of a parking garage.  I have no idea why they are there but I thought it was so funny.  And a little weird.  But funny & weird enough for me to take a photo.  Maybe I’m a little weird.

Well, folks.  There you have it.  A few photos from our weekend away in San Antonio and Austin.  Stay tuned for another installment of What K Has Taught Me.  You’ll laugh. A lot. I promise.

Enjoy your day,


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