Where has this week gone?

Hi friends!  Sorry it has been a few days.  Where has this week gone?  I’ve been so swamped with work, Etsy, and Bee for the Day Dallas, that I haven’t had a chance to update the blog.

This weekend went by really fast.  {d&k} had a great weekend!  It was fun & busy, but we did find time to relax.  We went out with some great new friends on Saturday night and learned a lot about our new city.  They were fantastic tour guides!

Our lovely tour guides took us to Reunion Tour, a Wolfgang Puck restaurant inside the top of the observation tower in downtown Dallas, 56 stories up.  The tower rotates completely around, in about an hour, so you can see the entire city.  It was very cool and very swanky.  {d&k} are not very fancy people.  We are typically fine with a good burger and fries.  But, this was a very fun restaurant/bar, even if it was fancy.  (I mean, not that fancy.  We had on jeans.  Hehe).  The restaurant and bar were intermixed, so we were on gray velvet couches in between tables where people were having dinner.  It was somewhat dark in there, so you could see the downtown view out of the floor to ceiling windows.  I heard it’s even better to go during sunset.  Maybe that will be our next romantical dinner out?!  Hmmm…

Also on Saturday, we ventured out to another dog park and the pups had a blast!  This dog park will be really fun for Uma and Elvis in the summer because they can go swimming in the lake.  Elvis had a great time chasing (and being chased) two medium-sized spotted pups.  He’s so funny because he will chase a group of dogs and then when they stop to catch their breath, he’ll bark at them until they chase him.  I chased you, now it’s my turn!  Come and get me!  Oskar spent the whole time peeing on things.  I’m pretty sure he could care less that there are other dogs there.  He may not even notice.  He’s in doggie-heaven with the large amount of trees, benches, bushes, light posts, and drinking fountains he has to pee on.  And Uma found her cousin!  We had yet to run into another greyhound at the dog park, until Saturday.  We met a sweet 10 year old brindle greyhound, named Dusty, that looked exactly like Uma.  Uma sniffed her and then moved on, but we were in awe.  I think if she weren’t so old, Uma probably would have played and ran with her.  I love seeing Uma interact with other greyhounds.  We’ve never seen her run with others, so hopefully we’ll meet a younger, more playful greyhound at the dog park soon.  I’m sure Uma would love that!

So, poor cat #3 (Shanahan) has not been doing very well.  The poor thing has had a cold since we arrived in Dallas.  We’ve been to the vet once a week since we got here too!  Good thing it’s right around the corner from our house.  Poor Shanni has been on antibiotics and is now on steroids, trying to beat this bug.  Shanni seems to be fine with it and aside from the constantly runny nose, she’s her normal self.  I, however, am not taking it well.  I hate seeing any of my fur-babies sick or in pain.  I even had a mini-melt down at the vet today when we were discussing what could be causing this and possible treatments.  So, everyone say a little prayer for Shanahan and that this next round of antibiotics and steroids work!

{d&k} will be out-of-town this weekend for our new friend’s wedding in San Antonio.  ROAD TRIP!!!!!  {d&k} love road trips, especially to cities we’ve never been before.  I’ve heard San Antonio is pretty cool, so I can’t wait to go!  We even found a zoo sitter!  YES!  So, the blog will get a little dusty this weekend but I will make sure I updated it as soon as I get back, complete with pictures!

Hopefully I will have more for you this week.  I’m sure the zoo will be entertaining enough to write about, as usual.

Enjoy your day,



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