Sebastian the sneaky yarn thief

Sebastian (dog-cat #2) is driving me crazy!  He is obsessed with my yarn balls and will go to any length to get to them.  Lately, he has been throwing himself into the door of my office, where I keep the apparent crack-like-yarn-balls, and pulls all the yarn balls out of the yarn ball basket (really guys?  of course I have a special yarn ball basket.  I can’t believe you questioned that?!) and then chooses his favorite and brings it to me.  Brings it to ME!  Like I would be happy to have a dog-cat drool-slimed yarn ball in my hands.  Then, he goes running back to the office, his hippo-like gallops shaking the whole house, to get another yarn ball.  This time, he comes out of the office making these horrible dying-sea-lion noises, while the yarn ball is in his mouth, getting drooled on.  And then the hippo comes galloping back down the hall to me to drop the yarn ball at my feet.  Ew.  No thank you. Thankfully these are scraps of yarn, so no Etsy orders have been made with the slimy, dog-cat yarn (that is my disclaimer incase any future Etsy buyers are reading this).  So, I take all the yarn balls back to the yarn ball basket (stop laughing at me) and shut the door (that doesn’t latch, of course) and have a seat on the couch.  Sebastian comes over to sit next to me and nuzzles me, like he has done nothing wrong.  Minutes later, he’s back at it!  I hear his not-so-little 17 pound body hit the door with a huge thud! and then hippo gallops back down the hall to give ME back MY yarn ball.  This could go on for hours, if I let it.  Eventually I have to barricade the office door so he can’t get in, only to find that I’ve locked dog-cat #1 in there and he now has free reign on all of the yarn balls.  I have to take down the barricade, remove dog-cat #1 from the office, then put the barricade back up.  Meanwhile, Sebastian is sitting behind me watching me, probably memorizing how to take down the barricade for future reference.  That was all today, people.  All. today.

All I have to say is that Sebastian is lucky he’s cute.  Otherwise, I would open the back door and throw a yarn ball outside and watch him chase it.  Buh-bye dog-cat #2.

Enjoy your day,


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