{d&k}s week in photos, part 2

So, this week {d&k} took our house guests on a little tour of our new city.  Of course, I had The Beast (my SLR camera) with me to document the trip.  Enjoy photo overload part 2….


Pioneer Plaza, Downtown Dallas  (sculptures representing a cattle drive)
1:  S and bull tail
2:  The boys and bull
3:  k & S…I’m not even sure.



Deep Ellum, Downtown Dallas
1:  After a very large lunch at Twisted Root Burgers (if you are ever in Dallas, you must eat here. Best.burgers.evah!)
2:  Always remember to stop and smell eat the roses cactus.
3 – 5:  Deep Ellum’s coolness.  Funky signs, murals, and bright colors.



Cowboy Stadium, Arlington
1:  The stadium…huge!
2:  k after walking into the stadium for the first time.
3:  {d&k}
4:  The ginormous video board.  k was in heaven!
5:  {d&k} again.  (Hey, it is our blog…there should be photo overload of us, don’t ya think?!)
6:  The boys on the field.



Stockyards, Fort Worth
1:  The Stockyards – such a neat area.  It was like we stepped back into time with the old shops, brick roads, and horse hitching posts.
2:  I see the resemblance.  Long lost cousin, maybe?
3:  The only way k will ever sit on a saddle — at a bar.
4:  k desperately wants to be a cowboy.  I’m sorry, k, but that will never happen!  (Especially since you won’t get on a horse).
5:  But, you will just have to settle for Texas Hot Stuff.
6:  And then there is S…riding a children’s bull that cost a quarter.  Wow.

Thanks for sitting through photo overload part 2.  I hope you have liked our adventures thus far.

Enjoy your day,


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