What was your name again?

I’ve come to realize that in Texas, people do not understand shortening of names.  For example, no one here understands that my name is Danielle and I go by Dani.  It’s confusing to them.  So k and I were talking about this and I said maybe girls don’t have boy names in Texas.  K then tells me that he met a Scotty, who is a girl, and said he doesn’t think that’s the case.  Scotty?  Really?  I feel bad for her.  Maybe it is short for something.  Scotterella?  Scottina?  So, I’m thinking girls do not shorten their names in Texas.  So Samantha isn’t Sam here?  Or Alexandra isn’t Alex?  I’m not sure yet, but all I know is that when I introduce myself to people they tilt their heads, like a cocker spaniel, and stare.  Followed by…”What was your name again?”  It’s Dani.  Short for Danielle.  It’s not rocket science.  And what if my name wasn’t short for anything and it really was just Dani.  Is that weird?  A package of mine was delivered to my new neighbors and they brought it over to me.  I introduced myself as Dani and we chatted for a minute and then they went on their way.  Last night k took Christmas cookies over to them and they said, “Your wife’s name is Dani, right? Well on the package we returned it said Danielle.”  Then they just stood there with the cocker-spaniel-tilt waiting for k to say something.  So he explained it.  They said, “Huh.”  And that was it.  Why is this so confusing?!  Anyways, that’s my little rant for the day.  If anyone can give me some insight as to why this is so confusing, it would be greatly appreciated.  Maybe it’s a Texas thing?  Was my name confusing in Ohio? 

Well, I’m off to clean the house and get ready for our Christmas guests.  K’s parents and little brother, s, will be here tonight at 11:30pm.  Yay!  I can’t wait to cook lots of food, eat (of course), and show them around our new town! 

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!  Enjoy every minute of it, because it will be over before you know it!!  Keep a lookout for photo overload next week.

We love you all!  Enjoy your holiday celebrations!


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