So, we have a lot of animals.  I have come to the conclusion that I spent a lot of time yelling at them.  Here at house of {d&k}, you can hear the following yellings on any given day:

“Stop licking the knives!”

“Get out of the dryer!”

“Get off the ________

“Stop licking the electrical outlet!”

“Stop doing that to your brother!  You are a dog, he is a cat!”

“Get off your brother’s head, he can’t breathe!”

“No, you can’t take your toy with you outside!”

“Drop it!”

“Get out of the pantry!”

“Leave it!”

“Get your head out of the refrigerator!”

“Stop eating your brother’s tail!”

“Stop licking the wall!”

“Stop marinating her!”


I know I’m probably forgetting some really good ones, but these are the yellings that were on the top of my head.  Mainly because I’ve said them all today.  Some, for more than one animal.  You’d be surprised at how often Uma tries to eat Elvis’ tail and Sebastian’s tail.  And, Sebastian tries to eat Charlie’s tail.  What is my zoo’s fascination with tails?!  And, what is their obsession with licking things?  Walls, electrical outlets, knives.  Each other.  I’m telling you, that YouTube video is getting closer and closer. 

Enjoy your day (hopefully with less yellings)!


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