Moving Day All Over Again…

Today is moving day part 2.  Well, I guess technically it’s moving day part 2 for the movers and unpacking day part 1 for {d&k}.  Fun fun.  Actually, I’m very excited about unpacking day!  I love, love, love unpacking.  The OCD side of me is jumping up and down right now.  The actual me is not. I just ate breakfast.  Otherwise, I probably would be jumping up and down right now, while typing.  But you’d never know because the OCD side of me would go back and fix all of my misspellings from said jumping.  See folks, it’s a constant battle between me and OCD me.

Anyways, back to unpacking. I love unpacking because it is so fun finding new places for everything.  All of my stuff gets reorganized! And, I can’t wait to find the perfect spot for everything…especially in my new, shiny, big kitchen!  Wahoo!

So, I will post pictures later of the new house with hopefully some empty boxes {fingers crossed}.

And, wait until you see what k gave me last night!  Best gift evah!  Hint: you will be very jealous and will probably run out to the store and get yourself one 😉  Check back for pictures!!

Until later, enjoy your day!


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