Dad said to blog, so I am…

My dad, DW, asked me tonight if I had blogged yet today. I felt like I was in high school and he was asking my brother if he’d done his homework. (Because, let’s face it, he’d never ask if I did my homework because I always did my homework).
DW: Did you do your homework yet?
Brother: No, not yet.
DW: Well, what are you waiting for????
So, dad, here you go. (Drumroll please…) Here is today’s blog!!!!

I am a machine. A painting machine. I wanted to get all of the rooms in the new house painted before all of our belongings arrive here on Friday. So far, I am further than I was expecting to be today. Yesterday I painted the dining room and our bedroom and today I painted the kitchen, family room, and spare bedroom #1. Holy cow, that’s 5 of 6 rooms completed in 2 days. So yes, I am a MACHINE! It also helps that I love, love, love painting! It’s like coloring, only bigger!!!! Staying in the lines is a huge plus and the colors are always your favorites. What’s not to love about painting?! Yes, dad, I know you hate painting. (Clearly I did not get this trait from you, along with our disgust for some of the most common vegetables). And no, I will not help you paint the house next year!

Today, along with my fun-filled day of painting, k and I also took the pups to the dog park. This was their first day at a dog park and they loved it! Uma ran the perimeter and then decided to sheepdog a few bigger dogs. This would have been fine except for the nipping at their sides. Turns out, that’s frowned upon at the dog park. So, we had to put the “muzzle of shame” on her. To say she was not happy is an understatement. She went over to the shady part of the park and laid down! She. was. done. So k thought he should go over and apologize for putting her muzzle on. He crouched down and told her he was sorry and she looked away! She wanted nothing to do with him. Ha! What a little princess! A little while later, she got up to join a pack of pups playing and they started to sniff her muzzle of shame. She got embarrassed and went back to the shade. Poor thing. Elvis spent the entire time running from pack to pack, sniffing, jumping, wiggling, running, and more running. He was in heaven. Oskar on the other hand could have cared less that there were dogs there. He spent the entire hour trying to pee on every tree there. I think that was his personal mission for the day. He was the hardest one to try to get to leave. He looked at me, then back at the patch of trees he had yet to pee on and ran off towards the trees. Forget you mom, my squirt gun is full and those trees need watering! I had to pick him up and carry him to the car. Grumpy little weirdo-dog.

Other randomness from today:
* The bedroom doors in the new house don’t latch when closed. The cats think it is hilarious to tap the doors with their paws whenever they walk by and pop the doors open. Drives. Me. Crazy. One minute, all doors are closed, the next, all doors open and pups have free reign of the house. I don’t think so!
* Uma thinks the best kind of foot stool is a cat. Specifically Charlie. Poor Charlie.
* {d}: I LOVE painting!
{k}: Are you high?
{d}: Probably! I’ve painted 5 rooms in 2 days. I think the smell has singed off my nose hairs!

Now, please enjoy some photos…
Here are a few of the pups from the road-trip-across-the-country:

Elvis, laying on top of my yarn while leaning up again k's head rest. Weirdo.

The pooch, using my shoulder as a head rest. Again, weirdo.

Road trips are best when shared with a brother.

k did not tell me I left the house wearing my slippers. Thanks k, thanks. (And I didn't notice until we'd been at the dog park for 10 minutes. Wow.)

Best foot stool evah!

Well, that’s it for my randomness today. Dad, I hope you enjoyed this little post.

Until next time, enjoy your day!


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